How to Convert a Word Document to a Video

When you’ve got a selected a part of a Word document you want to use in a video, you are able to do so utilizing free native applications in  windows operating system. The “Print screen” tool, together with this system Microsoft Paint, let you capture what’s on your screen, such as a Word document, and save it as a picture. This program  windows Movie Maker allows you to take images, videos and music, and combine them into a movie.

You can use Windows Movie Maker to select a point before, after or between video files to display the image. You can also edit the amount of time the image will show during your video clip.


Double-click your Word document to open it in Microsoft Word. Scroll down to the part you want to convert. Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. It’s located next to F12.

Step 2
Click “Start” and select “All Programs,” then “Accessories,” followed by “Paint.” Click “Edit” in Paint and select “Paste.” The Word document image appears. Click “File” and select “Save.”

Step 3
Click “Start” in Windows and select “Windows Movie Maker,” under “All Programs.”

Step 4
Click “File” in Windows Movie Maker and select “Import Media Items.” Select the Word image and click “Import.” Click and drag the image down to the “Video” section below.

Step 5
Import any music you want as well, and drag it down to the “Audio” section. Click on the image where it appears under the Video section time line and stretch it out so that it plays from the “0” mark to the end of the song. Click “File” and select “Save” to save the video.


Microsoft Word document to video

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